Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love the Cat

Still love messing with the cat
Found the National Gallery App-can't find the Louvre-I really need to be 15 to use this thing!(I-pad)

I pad

I bought an ipad! Yea-but now I can not find the cool apps I found when I first explored-I know there was one for the Louvre and the National Gallery but I can't find them.
I like the ipad but it makes me feel like I know zip-well I guess I do know zip-had to email my son to tell me how to turn it off-that is pretty bad-will say if you buy one map out lots of time for your "free demo set up"-otherwise they want $$ to teach you one on one-I thought that was not too cool-that demo was really a sales pitch which again I was not happy about-so I will learn from my kids-just a heads up if you give in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Thing 11 surprised me the most-I thought I knew a lot about safety on line but I was wrong-this lesson by itself should be part of any in-service training that we do.
My favorite lesson will still be creating a voki and learning about glogster. These will def. be part of my classroom instruction.
I like learning in this manner for when I had time I could do several lessons but then other times I might start one then go back and finish it. I really like working at my own pace but also knowing that I could go to the beach on certain day and play with others. I also like having all the lesson kept online so I can go back and review what I don't remember.
Thanks for all the work you all put into this class.
Now I am off to set up my digication page for my students to use this year.

Thing 11

This was by far the best and perhaps most important lesson. I have bookmarked many of the different links so that I may go back and refresh my understanding. This is a huge issue and one that may get worse before it gets better unless all educators and parents understand this cyberworld.
My 5 lessons would have to be 6.

1.Give credit where credit is due-don't seal-it is not fair to you or the person you took it from whether it is a report, music, or a video clip. As several of the sites said-check the fine print.

2. As Frank said on Dragnet:"Just the facts." Check up on the site or the person you are reading. Get more than one source when doing any kind of fact finding. And don't just use Wikipedia-anyone can put those facts online and they may not be true.

3.Before giving your name, address, phone number, etc. to any site look for the s after http-especially if you are buying something.Never use your full name to post. When TAEA posts art work created by students, we only use their first name-nothing else.

4. Use manners online be careful what you say and how you say it. Remember, people can interprete what is said in a way that you never intended. In an email to a parent, I though I was saying I hope you do well to my student for his tennis game but the parent read it as I hope he does well on my final. Not at all what I meant to say but the same words.

5. Spellcheck-this is my best friend since I can not spell and it checks your gramme. Even my paper this morning had a typo in their running of the Declaration of Independence-they did not capitalize United for United States of America. So spell check and read aloud to yourself before you submit. I have gone back a edited several of my posts here and I bet I still have errors.

6. Use the Internet wisely-text wisely-protect your identity.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thing 10

I looked around second life and though I understand the basic idea of an alter ego-I would not continue to play something like this. I don't even like playing video games except for Rock Band-I do play that. I would much rather go into a different world through a really good book or a movie. Since I got netflixs, I have been watch a lot of documentaries and been exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. I just don't see how I would ever want to do something like second life. I mean I just am not interested. Give me a book or TCM! (Tunner Classic Movies)
Now from an art viewpoint, I could see using this as a springboard for my students to create their own avatars and create an imaginary world, but I certainly would never play something like this in front of them. I guess I am just too old school for this. I do have students who do cos play and role playing games-many spend all day and all their money on re-creating their identity and I can see how that could be fun to role play all day as someone else. They keep detailed journals with photographs that they have shared with me and it looks like it means a lot to them. I know that in Japan, they take these second life games very seriously-many even going to work as the character that they are in this altered world. Don't think that would go over well with SBISD if I came to school as gooder lionheart.
I did think the concept was interesting but I just wouldn't stay with it.

Thing 9

A big advantage to using a slide share program is that it is readily available be to all. A student can't leave it at home since it is already uploaded. Students in all of your classes could quickly see what all the other students did for any given assignment. And again-that student who is home bound or ill, can look up what they missed that day.
If I had known about this and used this on a presentation I just gave, I could have saved a great deal of time and solved technical issues that I had at the hotel.
I will use this. It will also save me from having to burn copies for othere-they can just click and see what they need.

Thing 9

Ok on my first try with link #1 -I got a warning that this site was a security risk-not sure what is going on have restarted my computer and will keep on trying. This looks really interesting and a great way to prepare for a presentaion. I do want to learn more.
Anyone else getting a risk message?